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I had lower back pain and two really sore and inflamed elbows so through my medical insurance I attended Alpha Physio and had six Physio treatments on my back and two on each elbow. I was in real pain for three to four months before my treatment but thanks to Stuart the pain has all but gone and quality of life is good again . Alpha run a very courteous and professional service and I would recommend them to anyone. A big thankyou to Michelle,Jeff and Stuart

— B White 27.05.16

I went to Alpha with a back spasm that was giving me severe pain in my left leg. After initial treatment Stuart suggested that I could have a pro-lapsed disc pressing on a nerve. This was indeed confirmed and I was treated with deep-tissue massage and a course of core exercises to strengthen the back muscles and prevent any re-occurance. I was very impressed with Stuart's knowledge and professionalism in determining my diagnosis and can recommend Alpha Physio to anyone.

— S Dunwoody 26.05.16

I found Stuart extremely professional, helpful and knowledgeable. He fully explained what he thought the problem was and the course of physiotherapy he would recommend. I had great relief from the outset and am now benefiting greatly from my therapy at Alpha Physio. I would totally recommend Stuart and Alpha to anyone without hesitation.

— M McMenemy 26.05.16

I had a very painful arm and shoulder for almost a year, I had been to several physios and had several treatments, with great expense. My nephew suggested Jeff, I thought I would give it one more try. Jeff was wonderful, he spent time finding the source of my pain and treated it. In a very short space of time I am back to normal. Great.

— M Fee 25.05.16

Jeff has treated me for different conditions over several years. This has included an over tensioned IT band giving knee pain, a torn muscle in my back from playing golf (twice!) and sciatic pain in my right buttock/leg. Jeff has always carried out a rigorous assessment to establish the exact issue before commencing treatment. He has deployed different approaches to treatment including deep tissue massage/manipulation and in the case of the sciatica - acupuncture. He has also provided me with exercises to carry out at home in conjunction with the treatment provided. This approach in my experience has resulted in all of these conditions been cleared up fairly quickly and has allowed me to get back to the things I enjoy doing such as hillwalking and playing golf.

I have found Jeff’s approach to be entirely professional. He takes the time to explain what the condition is by referring to muscle diagrams and skeletal models etc. He has satisfactorily explained any questions I have ever had and is always realistic about how long something is going to take to get sorted out.

I was first treated by Jeff back in 2003 and did not need to seek out his services again until 2013. He has treated me for several things since then - which must be part of me getting old! The fact that I keep returning to him I think is a testament in itself to my total faith in his abilities.

— D Knox 01.04.16

I went to Alpha Physio on the recommendation of a colleague and am so glad that I did. Following damage to my wrist and having been dispatched from A&E with no diagnosis or treatment plan, I had begun to despair that my hand would never recover. However, within a few weeks of attending Alpha Physio, with the professional care and practical advice I received, I was well on my way to recovery.

I especially liked the way Jeff took the time to explain exactly what was wrong (soft tissue damage) and how it could be treated. His knowledge and competence were both reassuring and encouraging.

The treatment I received was first class and I would highly recommend Alpha Physio to others.

— R Croy 09.03.16

I have trained in many disciplines through my life - weight training, cricket and martial arts but my main passion bodybuilding comes with an injury price! But at 48 I am still lifting well which would not be the case without Jeff’s help.  I have known Jeff for well over 10 years now and can honestly say Jeff is one of the best diagnosis specialists I have seen which leads to the correct treatment and the quickest recovery. He is also well respected in the medical field, and has access to all the top consultants. I had to be referred to a leading shoulder specialist by Jeff and the result was full recovery post surgery. 

I also refer others to him, something I do not do lightly and all have been pleased. An older friend of mine had been seeing another physio about a shoulder issue, but had many treatments with no improvement. I sent him to Jeff who immediately diagnosed a ruptured muscle and that he would require surgery. MRI’s confirmed this and he had shoulder surgery with the same consultant as I had used through Jeff. It was a full success but the surgeon said that if Jeff hadn't diagnosed the injury as quick as he did and it had been left any longer, the damage would not have been repairable. 

Jeff and all his team are also very personable and professional. So I highly recommend Alpha physio and wish them well with their successful future.

— M. Clegg

I went to Alpha Physio having suffered from a very painful lower left leg,  It had been affecting my running for several months but had then started to affect everyday movement.  My physio Jeff immediately diagnosed shin splints, and was extremely thorough in explaining the diagnosis and the correct treatment.

Between the treatment I received at Alpha Physio, and the treatment I administered at home on Jeff's advice, I noticed week on week improvement.  In just over a month I felt that the injury was healed, and I was discharged with some useful exercises to do to strengthen the muscles and a clear idea of how to build up both my running endurance and speed again.

My experience at Alpha Physio was overwhelmingly positive and I would have no hesitation in returning to them for treatment if needed in the future.

— L. Ferguson

I recently had an injury to my back and went along to Alpha Physio for some treatment. I initially was assessed and then my physio Jeff went straight to work on my back to treat the affected area. I continued to receive further treatment over a four week period until I had fully recovered. From start to finish I received professional care and would fully recommend Alpha Physio to anyone. My family and I will use this clinic for any further injuries that ever occur. Thanks and best wishes.

— S. Boyd

A professional and caring physiotherapy practice. After many visits to other physios and chiropractors for a chronic spinal weakness, Alpha were the first practice to  provide a lasting solution. The initial assessment and treatment plan coupled with practical advice has been top class. I would recommend Alpha to anyone

— J. McKay

After suffering a knee injury playing football I attended Alpha Physio for an initial assessment. During the initial assessment I was diagnosed with a suspected tear in my ACL, a strained medial ligament and a tear in my medial meniscus (cartilage). It was suggested that I attended for more treatment and went for an MRI scan. Alpha Physio was helpful in both writing to my GP requesting an MRI and helping arrange the scan promptly. After the MRI results confirmed the initial diagnosis Alpha Physio had given me, it was decided I would need an operation to rectify the problem. I attended Alpha Physio both before and after the operation and made a quicker than expected recovery. I put it down to the guidance, support and treatment I received from them. All throughout the process I found the service friendly, very knowledgeable, professional and above all willing to go above and beyond what I would have expected.

— P. Davison

I had severe pain and restriction of movement in my right shoulder and upper arm. I attended Alpha Physio for a number of weeks. I found them to be very attentive and everything was explained to me at length. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alpha Physio to my friends and colleagues.

— S. Macartney